1999 News Years Regatta

This years New Years frostbite regatta went on, regardless of whatever the weather gods threw at it! The three day event that took place from Friday, January 1st through Sunday January 3rd on the pristine and icy waters of Manhasset Bay.

On Friday the sailors were greeted a “pounding” northwest breeze which ranged from 20-25 knots. Racing was cancelled for that day, however the annual meeting for the Frostbite Yacht Club was held at 4:30pm. Commodore Neil Litman did a fine job of running the meeting, and our special awards committee was outstanding as usual. The royal order of the “Bath, with master clusters” was awarded to veteran Bob Kirtland for his notable swim in the “refreshing” November waters of Manhasset Bay, and as always, wassel was served to all in attendance. Neil closed the meeting by passing on the responsibilities of Frostbite Yacht Club to incoming commodore Greg Danilek.

Saturday morning greeted the Past Commodores of the Frostbite Yacht Club to a frigid 20 degree day and ice filled docks. The “diehards”sailed in their annual Past Commodore race which was won by Pedro Lorson and Mimi Berry in a very, light and streaky west northwest breeze.

After lunch, and a chance to warm up, the New Years Regatta began with, 13 ICS and 6 Penguins competing. Three races were sailed in frigid cold with a northerly breeze ranging from 0-4 knots. It is racing like this that gives a real name to frostbiting. Race 1 found high school “upstarts” Doug Morea and Jason Hill finding the first shift and probably the only real breeze of the day to finish first. Second was Pedro Lorson and Mimi Berry with Ched Protor and Eva Burpee, from Larchmont, third. The second race found Ched Protor launched with an easy first and fellow Larchmonter Chris Browne and Anne Bensel second and Bill Heintz and Janet Mancini third. What was to be the final race of the day, and the regatta came to duel between the Proctor/Burpee and Lorson/Berry team. Both teams got a good start and were drifting their way together to the weather mark. Protor/Burpee rounded first with Lorson/Berry on their heels. However, what was to be a run became a beat again and the Lorson/Berry team seemed to the find the meager shafts of breeze and thereby took the lead and went on to win the race. They were followed by America Cup sailor Ralf Steitz with crew Felicity Ryan and the Poctor/Burpee team finished third. At this point the crews took it upon themselves to find refuge in the Race Committee’s 70 degree hut. Needless to say it was very difficult for the race committee to get the crews out of the tropical R.C. hut and into the ice covered boats for the start for 4th race. This race was a drifter that was cancelled about ½ hour after the start. The Lorson/Berry team won the regatta on a tie breaker. First in B division was Dan Coughlin and with crew Adam Bennett.

The sailors and race committee were treated a very nice party at the home of Cathy & Ted Toombs Saturday night.

The last day of racing was cancelled on Sunday due to serve winds and rain.

Do not miss the next years New Years regatta, scheduled for Saturday January 1st and Sunday January 2nd in the year 2000, and then you too can say that you sailed the first regatta of the new millenium!

–Pedro Lorson

Final Results:

			                        	Race 1	Race 2	Race 3	Pts.
1	IC	536	Pedro Lorson/ Mimi ,Berry	2	4	1	7
2	IC	94	Ched Protor/Eva Burpee		3	1	3	7
3	IC	537	Ralf Steitz/ Felicity Ryan	4	7	2	13
4	IC	653	Doug Morea/Jason Hill		1	9	5	15
5	IC	29	Dan Coughlin/ Adam Bennett	5	5	6	16
6	IC	513	Bill Heintz/Janet Mancini	9	3	8	20
7	IC	516	Peter Lorson/Kelly Barry	6	13	4	22
8	IC	514	Ted Toombs/Monique Gaylor	10	6	7	23
9	IC	510	Steve Moore/Jerry Morea	7 	11	10	28
10 	IC	538	Greg Corkett/Deena Jeschner	12	8	9	29
11	IC	508	Chris Browne/Anne Bensel	DNC	2	DNF	30
12	IC	531	John Browning/?			8	12	12	32
13	IC	661	John Siener/Mark Corachio	11	10	11	32