Boat Measurement

Measurement Certificates On File:

Measurement Certificates for all boats that have been measured at a previous regatta are keep on file by the technical committee. Prior to the Nationals, you can check to make sure that your boat has one, which can speed up the registration process. See the list of boats with Certs on file.

Measurement Sheet:

InterClub Dinghy Measurement Sheet Boat Number:
Measurement Location Minimum Maximum Actual
Boat Weight – Fully Rigged (no sail) 250 lb. none  
Bow Tip Weight 115 lb. none  
Crew Weight (fully dressed w/life jacket) 315 lb. none  
Floor Boards Installed on Wooden Boats (yes) (no)  
Sail Stamped by Fleet Measurer (yes) (no)  
Top of Mast Band to Partner none 21 in  
Boom Band Foward Edge to Back of Mast none 8 ft 8 in  
Centerboard thickness none 7/8 in  
Rudder Thickness none 7/8 in  
Distance from Rudder to Transom, Top none 1 3/4 in  
Distance from Rudder to Transom, Bottom none 1 3/4 in  
Difference of Top & Bottom Rudder Measurement none 1/2 in  
Rudder Depth 27 in 29 in  
T2 to Aft End of CB Slot 33 in 34 1/4 in  
CB Slot Length 44 in 48 in  
CB Slot Width 7/8 in none  
Halyard Sheave CL to Halyard Lock 4 in above deck  
Halyard Sheave CL to Forestay Tang 34 in 39 in  
Halyard Sheave CL to Shroud Tang 53 in 60 in  
Halyard Sheave CL to Top of Black Band none 16 ft  
Mast Partner Hole Length 2 3/4 in 4 in  
T1 to Aft Edge of Mast Partner 8 ft 10 in 9 ft  
Chainplate Location (measured as per rule 2.6.1) 1.5 in none  
Fleet Measurer: Date:

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