IC Technical Committee

IC Technical Committee Charter

The technical committee shall consist of one member per fleet. The fleet may change their nominee at any time. Any fleet may appoint a member to the technical committee, but only those fleets with five or more active boats shall have voting privileges. Fleets with voting privileges must also pay annual dues to defray operational expenses of the technical committee such as telephone, printing, postage, and measurement equipment. The committee shall elect a chairman from its members. The committee may elect a new chairman at any time. The chairman shall prepare a budget annually and submit it to the committee for approval by September 30 of each year. The committee shall approve or modify the budget and adjust the dues accordingly by October 31 of each year.

A majority vote of the dues paying fleet representatives is required for all changes to the rules. Proposed changes to the rules must be submitted to the committee chairman in writing one month before a vote can be taken and all fleet representatives must be advised of proposed changes two weeks before a vote. The technical committee may meet from time to time as needed and may conduct its business by mail, phone, or FAX; except that the technical committee shall meet during or within one week after the National Championships each year.

The technical committee shall be empowered to approve or disapprove of devices or additions to equipment or hulls which are not covered in these rules. Any changes to the hull or equipment shall be referred to the technical committee for its prior approval. Furthermore, anything not specifically specified in these rules may be considered illegal.

Racing shall be strictly one design in intent and the following rules shall be enforced to achieve this objective.

Each fleet member is encouraged to ask his or her representative for help in understanding these rules.

Committee Meeting Minutes:


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