Sailing Tips

Below are some basic sailing tips specific to Interclubs.  There are several other detailed articles on various aspects of sailing an Interclub, but as our FAQ says, Interclubs are easy to sail but hard to sail well..

How not to capsize and IC – Jesse Falsone

We’ve all capsized before. Capsizing an IC is no different except that its cold when you fall in and the boats are not self-recuing. Well, maybe it is different. Anyway, here are some thoughts on how not to capsize when its windy. Perhaps these ideas will give some of us the needed courage to tackle those nasty 15-20 knot days. After four capsizes last year, I’m uniquely qualified to comment on this topic.


  • Keep the boat flat upwind. HIKE!
  • Vang sheet.
  • Use less board (rake back).
  • Don’t let go of the tiller through a tack!


  • keep the boat flat – no windward heel!
  • Crew should play the board and watch for puffs – keep it 1/2 way down when its windy. Don’t ease the vang all the way. Ease it some when you come off the wind, but don’t ease it off completely. Keep the leech closed off.
  • Don’t over ease the mainsheet.
  • Sit further aft. Keep bow knuckle just kissing the water. The skipper should be able to touch the rear tank at all times. I move 6″ back when a big puff hits. Crew should be on thwart with the CB handle in one hand.


  • Ease the main
  • Hike harder
  • Luff
  • Don’t let go of the tiller!


  • Put the board down immediately – dampens roll
  • Move aft
  • Put more vang on
  • Heel to leeward a bit
  • Pray!

Get your IC moving in chop – Jesse Falsone

Having trouble with your boatspeed in the waves? This is a common problem for new IC sailors. Here’s a brief checklist of things to do:

  1. Rig – Sail with a straight rig – tighten forestay. A 6:1 forestay will really help here. The straighter rig adds depth to the sail and keeps the draft from moving too far back. Move chocks in front of mast to help keep it straight.
  2. Sail – Ease the outhaul! Too many people sail these tubs with too much outhaul. Ease it more than you think you should at first. Don’t overtighten the cunningham. Most of all, don’t oversheet the sail. Keep the vang just snug for normal sheeting so you don’t close off the leech too much.
  3. Driving – Don’t pinch, but don’t foot much either. Extended pinching will leave you bobbing like cork and footing too much will not buy you anything. Keep the boat in a normal groove. Point in the flat spots and foot a little in the waves. Adjust sheet to match your angle. Keep the boat flat!
  4. Centerboard – Don’t rake forward in the chop. Try the board vertical and maybe slightly raked aft if its breezy and you have excessive helm.
  5. Boat Trim – keep the bow from plowing. Sitting slightly further aft puts your weight nearer the boats CG and reduces pitching while keeping the bow from digging in.

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