IC Midwinters Past Winners

IC Midwinters Past Winners

Can you help fill in any of the blanks? Please contact Jesse Falsone. jessefalsone@gmail.com


Frostbiting Documentary

Perhaps some of you have seen the frostbiting documentary trailer by Thurston Smith? Well, Thurston will be down in Annapolis for the IC Nationals and he’s looking for more great footage. He’s looking to have two additional videographers on the water. If you know anyone that might be interested (and has access to a decent HD camera), please let me know (jessefalsone@gmail.com). Additionally, if anyone has a Go Pro video camera that they would be willing to mount on their boat, Thurston would love to get this type of footage.

New IC Midwinters Perpetual Trophy!

The Annapolis InterClub Fleet is pleased to announce the construction of a new IC Midwinters Perpetual Trophy. The large plaque is being constructed by High Tech Engraving and will be presented to the current winner at the Nationals this year. Nameplates for past winners will be added. The large trophy will reside at Severn Sailing Association.

We are trying to assemble an accurate list of past winners. If you have any information or corrections, please contact Jesse Falsone (jessefalsone@gmail.com)

Midwinters Winners Spreadsheet

Frosbite Documentary Trailer

I couple years ago, I got a call from a guy named Thurston Smith who was doing a documentary on frostbite sailing. He interviewed me and got a number of contacts for Interclub (and other class) sailors on the east coast. He just let us know that the “FROSTBITERS” trailer (90 seconds) is now ready to be watched!

The documentary will be released soon with interviews and footage of many of you – until then enjoy this short trailer…

A Bit of Midwinters History

Doug Clark, former coach at the Naval Academy, was one of the founding members of the Annapolis InterClub Fleet. He’ll be coming down to the regatta this year with sailors from the Merchant Marine Academy. I asked him about the “old” days, and this is what he had to say:

“I believe the first IC Midwinters was 1989, Pete McChesney and I were the instigators. I sold a Soling we had at Navy and purchased 3 new IC’s from Menkart. At SSA we found some 100 series boats in Rochester for $500 a piece – instant fleet. Alex’s (Stout) boat the “pig” I think is the only surviving member. We had 12 teams that 1st year. The funniest thing was when Gary Jobson was sailing and came into the basin to rotate and got his sail wrapped up in a piling and tore it to shreads. Good laughs for all the spectators. Thanks for all the hard work.”