Unlike many other classes midwinters the InterClub has a true “mid-winter” regatta, generally held in the first weekend in February in Annapolis. Luckily, Annapolis has pretty nice winters with average temperatures in the low 40s, perfect frostbiting weather. The InterClub Midwinters has built quite a reputation for itself. That reputation is one of great sailing and socializing in equal proportions made possible by the regatta format, called “collegiate style”. Each boat is shared among sailors from two divisions who form a team for scoring purposes – just like in college sailing. First one division sails a few races, then the other. Alternating between racing and socializing is even tempting for those sailors that normally consider frostbiting as part of the lunatic fringe. As one new frostbiter described, “I thought I’d get pretty cold out there, but I was pleasantly surprised that these little tubs keep you moving, and before you know it, your round is over and you’re back in the club eating soup!”


Midwinters Regatta Results Posts Archives

Past Results by Year (PDF)

All events were at SSA prior to 2019 unless otherwise noted. From 2019 on the event was moved to Larchmont YC with the demise of the Annapolis fleet.


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